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Chelsey Richard Napoleon
Clerk of Court
and Ex-Officio Recorder
As part of our commitment to improving professional service and operational efficiencies, we are excited to announce continued enhancements to our E-Filing system with the addition of Domestic filings.

Effective Wednesday, March 12, 2014, the new Land Records Index is comprised of the following:

1) The Mortgage Index which covers September 21, 1987 through February 14, 2014;
2) The Conveyance Index which covers January 1, 1989 through February 14, 2014; and
3) The Unified Indexing System Index which covers February 18, 2014 forward.

The above indices are available online remotely and in the Clerk’s office.

Images for the above indices are available through the Unified Indexing System from January 1, 2005 forward. The images prior to February 18, 2014 can be searched by instrument number (or the former notarial archives number), mortgage instrument number (MIN), or conveyance instrument number (CIN). The search results for these images will only show the instrument number (or former notarial archives number).

Thank you for your input and support regarding the new Land Records Unified Indexing System. As a result of your input, we continue to make changes and improvements to the system. We welcome your ongoing suggestions.

MEMO: Times Picayune as Official Journal for Clerk of Civil District Court's Office

Notice required by LA R.S. 24:523.1