New Orleans Documentary Transaction Tax

In 1986, the City of New Orleans enacted the Documentary Transaction Tax which covers both conveyances and mortgages. The “Doc Tax”, as it is sometimes called, applies to all documents creating, transferring, alienating, leasing, or otherwise affecting any right in or to immovable property located in Orleans parish; for example: Sales, Donations, Transfers, Mortgages, and Commercial Leases.

The City of New Orleans contracts with the Office of the Clerk of Civil District Court to collect this levy for the city. The party responsible for paying the tax depends upon the type of transaction. It is payable at the time of recording, by the seller, the donor, the mortgagor or for a commercial lease, the party recording the lease.

If the tax is not paid at the time of recording, filers must furnish the Clerk’s Office with their billing information. If, after thirty (30) days of the recording date, the tax has still not been paid, it will be considered delinquent. At that time, the City of New Orleans will send a bill for the tax plus interest, penalties, and attorney’s fees wherein an attorney is required to assist in the collection.

In general, the city assesses a flat fee of $325.00 for all single transactions involving only one “single family residence or residential double”. If a taxable document is for a single-family residence or residential double and exceeds 25 pages, then a notarized statement is required stating that the property is a single family, owner-occupied residence or residential double in order to limit the tax to $325.00.

For all other transactions, the sum of $325.00 is charged for each instrument, act, writing or document recorded up to a maximum of 25 pages. An additional tax of $100.00 is charged for each additional page provided that the total shall not exceed $2525.00.

For mortgages under $9,000.00 the scale is as follows:
Under $3,000.00 - $ 75.00
$3,000.01 to $6,000.00 - $125.00
$6,000.01 to $9,000.00 - $175.00

All payments for the New Orleans Documentary Transaction Tax are made payable to: The City of New Orleans

The following authorizes the City of New Orleans to collect the Documentary Transaction Tax: