Biographical Notes

Please note:
Records between July 1865 to Oct. 1865 appear in the Augustus Devall volume.
Records from March to November 1838 appear in volumes 9, 10, and 11 of Joseph Marks (not yet scanned).

Volume 04 Spine Labeled "Slave Sales"
Volume 09 Spine Labeled "Slave Sales"
Volume 16 Spine Labeled "Slave Sales"
Volume 27: "Slave Sales", though not labeled as such on the spine.
Volume 40: Includes H.B. Cenas; WPA title page reads "Representing Wm Christy H.B. Cenas Aug 8th - Oct. 19th, 1840."
Volume 44: Page 12 "M" continued out of alphabetical sequence (between "P" and "R").
Volume 56: Some title letters are in red.
Volume 63: Includes T.O. Stark; spine labeled "T.O. Stark April - June 1850."

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